Structured Project Finance

Colin | Muzio | Meyer provides project related financial services and Funding, particularly for infrastructure and commercial projects. We can customize and structure financial products and services to meet specific needs of a client. This is our foundation clients can build on, in addition to access to the markets that are most in need of the credit enhancement products and services we avail. For qualified companies of substance and last year’s revenues exceeding USD 10 million, we can avail instant and almost unlimited funding.

Please provide your Structured Project Finance request

If the transaction makes good business sense
If the applicant has invested own capital, and is willing to invest more into the project
If you have a track record of experience

then you should download, complete and provide this Application Form for instant and almost unlimited funding.

Pier C. Gera
Senior Elite Professional Milan
Associate Offshore and Tax Services (South America & US)
Colin | Muzio | Meyer