Trade finance fuelling trade around the globe and enables exporters to grant credit facilities to buyers of up to 5 years, and still receive the immediate Non Recourse payment upon shipment. An exporter can sell his products with a typical payment tenor of 180 to 365 days. The exporter can get paid right after shipment while the importer pays within the agreed period of time. This can be a tenor of up to 5 years if the buyer’s bank avails a guarantee to back up the transaction. For trade finance to work, it has to be backed up by a financial guarantee, usually a documentary letter of credit issued by the buyer’s bank. Trade finance is in effect low cost finance for solid clients with good banks and the importer will have to be able to issue a Letter of Credit or DLC. The Importer’s bank does not have to be top Tier. Exporter and Importer have to have an established solid business track record and be able to evidence significant trading activities. The guarantee instrument will be drafted to assure that there cannot be a later claim resulting in a legal dispute. The buyer’s bank will have to be an acceptable institution. In some instances a confirmation may be required from the issuing bank’s European counterpart. There is a regular evaluation of country risk.

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