Even your best solution can be improved! In business and finance, most aspects of cross border transactions, projects and your company interact with legal and fiscal regulations. Only a service that is superior can avoid fatal mistakes. It is important to have the very smartest minds work on your very best solution for any important task. Through this platform you will be able to connect with the brightest in their respective filed. You have access to an Elite of Professionals, a powerhouse of brilliant minds to structure the very best solution for your financial, legal and fiscal requirements, across borders – worldwide. Such professionalism ensures that any future offshore assets are structured and operated safely, and that all financial, legal and fiscal aspects and risks are properly understood and accounted for.


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Any solution can be optimized with capital market expertise of elite professionals. Business insights are based on extensive experience of applying technology, and business expertise to achieve capital market objectives for companies operating within the capital market infrastructure. Brilliant professionals are specialized in their respective field to support players in Capital Markets, large banks, data centrals, insurance- and asset management companies. Experts with highest capital market knowledge and practical experiences can analyse fundamental capital market issues to comply with regulatory developments and create manageable formats. Such consulting services are based on a combination of financial and business understanding, and technical know-how. Premium advisers work analysis with the implementation of IT systems, thus supporting strategic decisions on different levels of complexity of Investment Management, Financial Risk Management, Compliance, Operations and Accounting. Offshore services are comprised by doctoral-level experts who have spent years working in their respective field of expertise. This enables state-of-the-art solutions that are a practical answer to client requirements.

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Superior professionals gain unmatched expertise working with world’s leading law firms on biggest financial deals in major markets and provide assistance on existing and emerging business activities related to capital market contracts, banking, lending or borrowing, investments, and regulatory matters. Experts shape transactions based on strongest real estate knowledge. The elite has built reputation structuring most effective solutions in respect to any financial, legal and fiscal aspect with brilliant ideas and valuable advice throughout the entire cycle of property acquisition, development, operation and sale. Supreme experts in banking & finance, M&A, tax, competition dispute resolution, employment and intellectual property advise on most complex transactions and provide clients with a selective range of services they need to achieve their objectives in global markets, maintaining the highest levels of quality and confidentiality.

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If there is global complexity in a transaction, strategic, integrated international tax solutions are provided by excellent tax advice based on specialized knowledge in across borders operations. Competing in multiple jurisdictions complying with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filings, staying on top of new legislative developments specialists in multiple areas of taxation requires the finest elite of advisor providing a complete and multidiscipline perspective to any tax challenge. In a world of intensified global competition, the key to business success requires a tax strategy that is agile and aligned with a HNW-investor or corporate strategy. Superior experts help manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulation around the world and are able to provide a complete and multidiscipline perspective to any tax challenge based on resources, experience and local competencies addressing cross-border needs. Experts are superbly qualified to assist with all aspects of international taxation to provide up-to-date analytical tax insight and achieve investment or business goals, both locally and globally. A comprehensive approach is assured in typical business events of post acquisition integration and restructuring, IPOs and public financing, expansion, divestment, private finance and refinancing, business change, e-business, development and technology and digitization, and rationalization.

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Since the World War II the most significant economic demerger between major economies will happen March 29, 2019. Much about the forthcoming process of transitioning Britain out of the EU has no precedent. The UK and the EU will be significantly changed by what is to come. A skilled elite of professionals prepare for Brexit, as they did already over the past two years. Former Brussels and Whitehall policymakers and sectoral specialists, enable navigate the politics, policy and commercial implications of Brexit and analysis of the impact of economic trends and perspectives on your activities, especially in the Eurozone. A superior service is available obtaining AEO (Trusted Trader) status, assist with registration and advise on the need for a company/branch set up along with the CT implications. Qualified experts based in the UK and Europe have significant experience in advising on investment and banking, legal and fiscal issues relating to international trade and cross border establishment. Employing the finest elite of advisors minimizes risks associated with Brexit while maximizing opportunities to get ahead of the competition and drive business growth and success. Example: During past two years, some of our associated experts have worked on the establishment of banks in compliance with German banking laws, § 32 KWG and the BaFin, and designed and structured fully licensed and operational banks in Germany for some the biggest British banks to be ready for European business after Brexit.

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