A lessee can have best support in business equipment leasing in healthcare, telecoms and office equipment sectors and in a number of other key service areas including collateral leasing and financial instrument leasing. There are a few clear advantages to a business leasing that buying just cannot offer. There is no major upfront cost to pay. Rather parting with a huge lump sum a lessee can keep on top of regular expenses and have only manageable monthly lease payment. The company uses the leased product or service while paying a rental rather than a repayment. The monthly rental is determined by the initial cost, excluding value added tax, the period of the finance lease and the residual value, the estimated future value at the end of the finance lease period. This once depreciation is taken into account, plus interests. That means a predictable ongoing payment for corporate clients. Leasing bank instruments involves the temporary assignment of a bank instrument for an agreed upon fee between the instrument owner and prospective borrower. The very best collateral solution will always cover everything that has to be considered in a leasing scenario including operational accounting, statutory reporting, analysis of expenses and revenue, and a well planned strategic solution for the individual lessee corporation.

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