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If your own bank does not issue a Bank Instrument for you – WE can DO IT THROUGH our PRIVATE BANKs! 

Over the years, we have structured and closed several transaction solutions in which clients needed to evidence their financial capacity to trigger a shipment of commercial goods, or to access government grants, or being assigned electricity off take contracts or loans to build an solar parks in the first place. Together with the Elite Group, we are most successful in this.

If you need any kind of credit enhancement service we can arrange this at very low costs from private institutions and banks. This is a financial service sent via SWIFT MT 799. It can be very useful to “Proof Funds” (POF) on your account, show the availability of a Certificate of Deposit, send a documentary Letter of Credit to your seller and we can issue small conditional SBLC or BG with face value starting already from USD 200k. If this is what you need right now, contact us and arrange for a call with an expert here:

You can schedule a phone call with one of our experts right here:

Here are some examples of instruments that we have issued earlier in the format of a Bank Guarantee, SBLC,DLC / LC or POF

About Belize…

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