Securitize Future Assets

Securitization of a profitable Service Activity which only has an income in the future. This Securities Division relies on unique services provided by a network of expert specialists located in different countries around the globe and working in fields required for securitization transactions, all coordinated through our Dublin and Zurich structuring teams. In addition to financial and legal engineering, some required activities have to be carried out by FINMA regulated companies. Available skills combining years of banking and finance experience, include fleet management, real estate, cars, boats and aircraft, IT services, administrative and accounting services and required specialized services provided through on- and offshore business centres.

A natural or a company holds rights to an industrial or service activity, such as commission collection, recurring business activity, rental of goods or similar.

Such an activity can be securitized by transferring the ownership of the future income resulting from it to a Special Purpose Vehicle. External investors can finance the acquisition of the business and receive securities in return. The income generated by the activity, after deduction of expenses, will be distributed to the holders of the securities issued as part of the securitisation.

Similar to investing in a project, this could be an offer for investors to profit from future income of a service activity. A typical example could be a long term contract to ship commodities using a fleet of ships or trucks, or airplanes with an expected payment only after the completed contract. It could also be the service to perform a subcontract providing all the concrete work for a building, or perform all the steel works for any project on a longer term basis with payment to be expected after all the work has been provided. Also providing electricity from a solar power plant that only will have to be built, can be securitized. Another good example building the basis for securitization are future profits from planting, harvesting and delivering such agricultural products on a long term contract basis to an offtaker.

All this can be securitized and funded through the sale of resulting fully fledged, immediately bankable Swiss securities with ISIN and Bloomberg listing. Such securities can be placed on the secondary markets, or pledged with banks for an immediate loan.

Download the Securitization Whitepaper here

Profit from our unique expertise and let us give you much more great ideas of how to utilize securitization for any of your activities to either get funded on present or future assets, or to optimize taxes through a structured product based on securitization. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your requirements with us. We will be able to offer you relevant solutions to achieve and optimize your objectives. There are much more great ideas of how to utilize securitization. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your requirements with us. We will be able to offer you relevant solutions to achieve and optimize your objectives. Contact the advisor Gerhard Freiberger now, or call the Securitization Experts directly phone +353.1.5137507 or skype listen4greatnews.

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