A security is different from a 144a offering, or a Regulation S, or a Corporate Bond offer. A fully fledged Swiss Security is a regulated financial instrument which can serve as bankable collateral and represents an investment into your company assets (similar to shares traded on the stock exchange) on a Debt, or Equity private placement basis. The securities market is global highly regulated market and source of private placement investment opportunities. You can participate through your own Securities Offering emitting and selling your own Security to institutional investors. Converting your investment offering in a fully fledged Security with ISIN registration makes your investment offering bankable and accessible to Qualified Investors, Banks, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies and Family Offices who are major players in the secondary markets investing in securities. A fully fledged Security is bankable, internationally recognized and identified by its own International Securities Identification Number and can be invested in by all institutional investors through the official banking channels. You can create acceptable collateral in the form of a Security by converting your financial strategy, investment offering, your project, or loan request into a Security which serves as collateral for a bank loan, or offers a private placement investment opportunity for investors. Through Securitization, all asset classes are accessible, manageable, and bankable like Portfolios, Private Equity, Private Debt, P2P, Pay-per-use Financing, Completion Bonds, basically all forms of Structured Products. Depending upon the basis and the purpose of your Securities Offering, you can structure an AMC, a CLN Credit Linked Note or a Tracker. A note or certificate is a debt security and its return is based on a single asset or a basket of assets. They are a combination of financial contracts embodied in a single security, which can be traded like a stock or bond. The return of such a note is linked to the performance of an underlying asset or multiple assets on a predetermined date or with open-end maturity. Recently our experts have pioneered the concept of crypto securitization, where an individual off-balance sheet issuance vehicle is established to hold digital assets and issue conventional securities. This allows especially institutional investors to easily book crypto on their balance sheets via their normal stockbroker. Therefore, they can conduct traditional audits and use their traditional banking infrastructure, just like for all other investments.

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