Since World War II, the most significant economic demerger between major economies will happen on 29 March 2019. Much about the forthcoming process of transitioning Britain out of the EU has no precedence. The UK and the EU will be significantly changed by what is to come. A skilled elite of professionals prepare for Brexit, as they have already over the past two years. Former Brussels and Whitehall policymakers and sectoral specialists, enable the navigation of the political, policy, and commercial implications of Brexit and an analysis of the impact of economic trends and perspectives on your activities, especially in the Eurozone. A superior service is available to obtain AEO (Trusted Trader) status, assist with registration, and advise on the need for the setting up of a company/branch along with CT implications. Qualified experts, based in the UK and Europe, have significant experience in advising on investment and banking, and legal and fiscal issues relating to international trade and cross-border establishment. Employing elite advisors minimises risks associated with Brexit, while maximising opportunities to get ahead of the competition and drive business growth and success. For example, during the past two years, some of our associated experts have worked on the establishment of banks in compliance with German banking laws, § 32 KWG and the BaFin, and have designed and structured fully licensed and operational banks in Germany for some of the biggest British banks to ensure they are ready for European business after Brexit.

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